St Patrick's Day Gala Dinner 2024

St.Patrick's Day Parade Budapest 2024
Riway Europe Testimonial Event Jan 2024
Budapest Marriott Hotel-Address

Budapest Personal Development Meetup (Vol. 207) | 5th Anniversary Special Celebration
The Grenion team had an enriching team-building experience in Prague. The event kicked off with a presentation, serving as a platform for knowledge sharing and fostering a deeper understanding among team members. This was followed by a lively boat party, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and relaxation. The next day offered a unique and creative twist to the usual team-building activities with a graffiti workshop. This allowed the team members to express their creativity while also promoting teamwork and collaboration. The entire experience was not only enjoyable but also served to strengthen the bonds within the Grenion team.
IHBC  ST.Patrick's Day Gala Dinner 2023 March
ENNO Studio Meeting in Budapest 2022 December
RBIF Etyek Picnic in 2022 August
Meta Reserve Opening Party
Alush Bags Workshop in Budapest 
RBIF Charity Gala in Budapest Corinthia Hotel 2022
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